Affordable AI and automation for the recruitment industry

The recruitment industry has always been at the forefront when using technology to improve its processes. It pioneered the use of customer databases, matching technology and CV parsing.

Automation is the next frontier for unlocking employee potential. It will free up time to really focus on building client and candidate relationships. By focusing on the heavily administrative and often mundane tasks there is huge potential to reduce costs, increase productivity whilst enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

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Three great benefits of AI for recruitment

Increase your recruiters' productivity by up to 20 per cent when our bots automate your admin.




On average, our bots are live in six weeks and break even in just eight weeks. Often generating a 5x ROI in the first year!

Make more placements with automated candidate sourcing and customer experience management.




Our bots rapidly help identify the candidate pool and ensure the experience is outstanding.

Achieve an innovation explosion across your whole recruitment business, that delivers productivity from the floor up.




On average, each new bot we deploy creates ten new productivity ideas from the team.

Automation at work

RPA automation offers massive opportunities for recruiters to cut back on admin and to make their processes more efficient...

Automated candidate experience enhancement

The candidate experience can have a huge impact on your brand (72% of candidates share a bad experience online).



Save time

Gathering feedback is vital but so time-intensive. Automating feedback at key points throughout the process enhances the experience and automating the reporting creates invaluable insight to enhance your service. A win for everyone.

Automated - information into Insight

You’ve got plenty of information - but not enough insight to get a clear view of the business. You need help.



Gain clarity

Robotic process automation can connect your systems and deliver instant insight to enhance your business, quickly with zero need for IT system integration.

Automated interview scheduling

Ever spent hours on the phone trying to fix a convenient time for interviewer and candidate to meet? Then it all goes wrong…



Save time

A little piece of AI can automate the process quickly and easily, saving you hours of time and ensuring you don't miss out on the best candidate for your client.

Candidate sourcing automation

Intelligent automation will deliver a high-quality candidate pool for you.



Low cost

Everything from reaching out to candidates on your database, targeting passive candidates to engage them and even identifying and following up on candidate referrals can be automated quickly at low cost.

Save time, money and effort…

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