Front Office automation drives productivity

Transforming Front Office operations frees recruiters to deliver more.

Productivity improves by 12%

Our client knew they couldn’t continue to deliver hyper growth and maintain their success without freeing up their recruiters to create incredible sales returns and outstanding customer service rather than focusing on admin. Front Office automation using our tireless bots work alongside them, led to their most efficient recruiters ever. 

Our client needed to help their recruiters be more productive 

The pressure of hyper-growth requires constant innovation and focus. Improving recruiters’ productivity became a key objective for our client to maintain their remarkable growth record. Our strategy was to understand and analyse productivity. We would then focus on a series of areas to incrementally enhance performance. The drive for productivity was to be fuelled by a process of  marginal gains.  

Rapid return on investment results for front office automation

Our starting point was to look at current levels of productivity within the recruitment team. We quickly realised that recruiters were forced  to spend significant amounts of time accessing various different systems to create productivity reports. It was a slow process and  the obvious place for us to start.

A team of bots for the front office identified focus areas and automated them

We began by implementing a ReportingBot. This compiled information from all of the different operational systems. In doing so, it created  a playbook for systematically assessing consultants’ productivity and performance across this global business. Consequently, It was the first time that managers had the benefit of consistent and timely information to help them. This alone saved a remarkable amount of consultants’ time and resources. It immediately freed up time to pursue other business opportunities and focused training initiatives. The marginal gains project was off and running and had already paid for itself.

“Improving performance by the aggregation of marginal gains: breaking down each component to its component  parts and then understanding how it can be improved” 

The information allowed for enhanced management decision-making around market and sector targets. What’s more, it showed consultants the expected levels of performance. As the ideas for each improvement grew, more bots came online, each working tirelessly and accurately across all time zones. The whole Bot team managed from one interactive real-time dashboard, the Montana Workplace. This includes areas such as suitable vacancy identification, client/candidate matching, meeting scheduling, and follow up calls to candidates and clients.  The Front Office automation continues to grow and identify new marginal gains opportunities.

Productivity improves by 12 per cent and record staff engagement

The positive feedback from the consultant teams has been overwhelming, and average productivity has improved by more than 12 per cent across those teams. Employee satisfaction levels are increasing to record highs. “I feel set free to do what I’m good at, ” reads one piece of feedback.  Finally and perhaps the greatest long-term benefit is a shift in culture, as the team continuously looks for marginal gains to enhance the way that individuals and teams work.

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