Back-office automation delivers huge savings

AI driven back-office transformation

Hyper-growth (above 40 per cent a year) is an incredible achievement in any single year. However, to deliver consistently over a six-year period is remarkable. That ability to keep achieving is what drove our client, a global recruitment company, to innovate continuously across the business. Consequently, they utilised intelligent automation to transform its back-office function

Our client needed technology to support Innovation to deliver hyper growth 

automated the back office free up the team from repetitive tasks

Our client realised that it needed technology to become the driving force for its next phase of growth. What’s more, it didn’t want to waste money and resources on huge and expensive IT projects to achieve it. Instead, the company analysed its back-office processes and looked for innovative ways to transform them rapidly. They focused on driving out inefficiencies and make every aspect more productive. 

Multiple administrative tasks that are heavily time-consuming often involving rekeying the same information in several different systems throughout the back office. This created accuracy, speed and customer services problems. These, of course, are all barriers to closing out as many successful candidates’ deals as possible. 

Rapid return on investment from automating back office admin tasks

The company had already had success with some of our specialist BOTs, using them to solve particular problems (KnowledgeBOT and ScheduleBOT). Following this, the next step was to build a Back Office automation…

Automating the back office transformed processes in days at low cost

The Bot Workforce for the back-office was successfully deployed across the business to automate multiple workflows and business rule validations. The team went live within two months of the start of the project.

On a daily basis, the team validates more than 80 business rules. These include checking candidates’ joining dates, work experience and references. They update multiple platforms including CRM (Bullhorn), Marketing (Hubspot) and data analytics (Insight Squared).

They are all managed from the Montana Workplace which was designed to monitor the team for data accuracy and validations. 

Creating an empowered team, an explosion of innovation and fast and affordable process automations

The team embraced their bots new workforce and the levels of support they received. They were delighted to be freed from many of their repetitive tasks. As a result, they were able to focus on enhancing the processes they led. And they also started to look at an increasing number of ways in which new Bots could help. Time and time again we heard the team say: “Do you think you could create a Bot that will do…” The entire back office team from the most junior member suddenly felt empowered to make positive change. In addition, they found that using Montana as a strategic RPA platform enabled the team to deliver affordable automation to transform the back-office.

The positive engagement was massive but so were the efficiency improvements. The Back-office automation was able to successfully save around 12 hours per day across five different locations. in other words 5,000 hours a year – and the journey is really just beginning. 

Affordable AI and automation for the Recruitment Industry