A stand-alone AI enabled RPA Platform

Montana is our own state-of-the-art platform that is powering the low-cost rapid production solutions that are enabling our customers to quickly reduce overheads and to scale at pace.

It is designed to automate or augment business processes to eliminate the mundane tasks that historically your staff had to endure.

Our customers are generally witnessing on average a 6x return on investment having implemented Montana. Unlike some of the competition, our non-invasive implementation techniques mean you do not need a consulting partner or internal IT team to deploy our technology. Our time-to-implement is 5 times faster than most. 

It's made up of three key elements: Montana Workshop, Montana Workplace, and Montana Marketplace.

The Montana Platform - three great elements

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Montana Workshop enables intuitive and super-fast bot development to automate processes.

The workshop includes design studio, task and workflow editors as well as web and windows recorder. In fact everything to make the automation process fast and easy however it is approached

There is also a number of groundbreaking and patented features including

Automation Advisor which will analyse the applications under automation and understand the feasibility of automation

AI Bridge allows easier integration of machine learning models into the RPA bots leading to more hyper-automation use cases, essentially enabling Bots to learn. this includes document processing capability out of the box. which extract data points from any document template and create custom Machine Learning models for data extractions based on the customer requirement.


Montana Workplace is simply where our Bots go to work, it is easy to manage and interact with them.  The Workdesk module enables them to execute in any environment and Conversational AI enables voice and real-time communication to the bots within the workplace about their status and activities.

Managing utilisation and availability of the devices where bots are deployed and even the User accounts and permissions are all available in the Workplace.


Montana Marketplace – Instantly available, easy to configure bots that automate common processes. We are in the process of creating in partnership with leading SaaS platforms like SalesForce.com to provide digital workers to the SME market. This is currently at the planning stage.



Why working with us is easy and simple

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The Liquid Palladium journey is flexible and simple. We spend time helping you identify the best options for automation and move quickly to prototype so you can really see and feel the benefits. We then work relentlessly with you to develop a bot workforce that will enhance business performance.


The Liquid Palladium journey is a simple four-part process...

After an initial conversation, we arrange a free workshop where we will guide you through a journey of looking at your processes, identifying the top options to automate and set out what success would look like. Your output is a proposal and a plan 

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Once you are happy with the plan, we rapidly move to an early prototype in the studio of our Bot Workshop, we map the outputs of our workshop into a workflow and test each element. 

Once the prototype Bot is ready, we will move them into our Bot Workspace, here we can see them running, communicate with them, and schedule them to carry out tasks all in real-time.

As your Bot workforce grows you can see their output in the dashboard. Constantly updated with real-time information, showing what they have processed, any alerts even querying specific information via chat.

Product engineering quality lies at the heart of the five key benefits we create

The Montana Platform helps business and organisations to automate their processes so that they can increase efficiency, cut costs and speed up the way that they work. The way that we engineer our software creates five key benefits for users of the Platform.

We use best practices in software development by implementing DevOps for continuous integration and use automated code audits using SonarQube. This helps with

Faster Delivery of Features - through automated code integration and testing, the development team can get quick feedback and make code changes automatically. That's how we’re able to easily release updates of the product faster.

Enhanced Efficiency- Automated integration and code auditing takes care of routine tedious work helping developers to focus more on challenging and value-creating features.

Improved quality of code  - Continuous code inspection through automated static code analysis ensuring codebase is clean and maintainable to increase developer velocity.

Improved code security - automated code security review with Static Application Security Testing helps to detect vulnerabilities and to fix them at the code review stage.