So, you’re interested in a Liquid Palladium bot?

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  • Processing weekly candidate timesheets
  • Generating client invoices
  • Sending auto replies to texts and emails
  • Scheduling candidate interviews
  • Answering candidate FAQs
  • Performing candidate background checks
  • Adding candidate details to your database.

Think of all of those mundane, repetitive, low-value recruitment tasks which take up your staff’s time. Our bots can do all of them.

And best of all, they are genuinely affordable (costing less than the value of an average placement fee) and quick to deploy.

By freeing up your staff to focus on higher value tasks, they’ll become more engaged in their jobs and more productive workers, ultimately saving you time and money.

Recruitment firms that have adopted our bot technology have been able to reduce their cost base and increase their capacity to make more placements, resulting in fast growth without the need to hire more people.

Free your team to focus on business and innovation, quickly and easily.