Automated client reporting improves performance

Bots deliver remarkable performance improvement

Huge improvements to client reporting

Access to rapid insight sets organisations apart. For this professional services company, waiting three weeks for a first view of their clients’ chart of accounts was just not quick enough. It became a critical USP for their customers. Our team of RPA Bots was able to use AI enhanced reporting to offer an early assessment within hours.

Automated client reporting allowed the company to focus on the business issues facing its clients.

An initial assessment of their clients’ charts of accounts was a necessary first step in each accounting period. It was a highly labour intensive process which required accessing numerous different data sources manually. It took about three weeks to deliver this initial client view. 

Huge improvements to client reporting delivered rapid return on investment

Clients  needed this information earlier in the programme so that they could focus more effectively. Adding more resources was impacting overall efficiency but not reducing the time needed to complete the process. The team realised that it needed a more innovative approach. So it looked to AI to help automate client reporting. 

Their new Bot Workforce was able to connect numerous data sources to report rapidly

Within a couple of weeks, our team had identified the key processes that needed to be  automated. We agreed these with the client and created an agreed process automation strategy. This allowed the client to set its new Bot Workforce to work as each new project came online. The Bots utilise numerous sources of information from the client and then collate an initial set of reports within hours. A process that would normally take the team two to three weeks but with AI enhanced reporting it is now completed in days.

The Montana workspace enables the consultants to monitor the workforce regularly. It also means they are able to customise it to suit individual project requirements, with no need for coding. 

Delivering amazing performance improvements…

Reducing the reporting time from three weeks to two days had huge benefits. Subsequently, customer satisfaction and value for money ratings improved. The team were free to work on more specialised areas, based on their expertise. The AI enhanced reporting paid for itself within the first live project. It also delighted the end-clients with its speed and quality. 

Affordable AI and Automation for the professional services industry